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PIM, Personal Information Manager software

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Stash! Personal Information Management Software

The one stop solution for protecting all personal information!

Can't remember what password goes where? STASH! them with this easy to use password and personal information manager. This compact program will store and safeguard the normal things like your passwords, bookmarks and phone numbers but it also handles other types of personal information.

For instance, it features a built-in file manager so you can easily reference those password protected financial spreadsheets and other types of files. It is easily accessible from the system tray at the bottom right-hand side of your computer screen.

There are 6 functions and many features. Check out the features section of this page. This desktop application is a one-stop solution.

So remember one password and STASH all others or remember no passwords at all, it's your choice depending on your needs.

STASH! software is not bundled with any type of Spy ware!

Stash! software is your complete personal information manager solution with top features such as:

  • Tabbed for easy reference
  • Direct data entry. Don't mess with a bunch of sub forms
  • Save, categorize and Bookmark your favorite WEB sites
  • Save, categorize and open your favorite programs
  • Automatically link to WEB sites
  • Link to local files on your computer
  • Categorize credit cards, journal entries, phone numbers, email addresses
  • Sizable with one click of a button - pop-up to full screen
  • Hide and unhide detail columns
  • Drag and drop or cut and paste data
  • Customizable View Options
  • Supports multiple desktop users
  • Data is encrypted securely on your hard drive
  • System tray access
  • Utilizes "stay on top" and hide/unhide technology for easy access while surfing

  • 6 separate functions that can be used to:
    • Categorize, store and manage WEB site names, Logons and passwords
      • Use as a bookmark or program manager
      • Just drag and drop the ICON of your favorite program and it's ready to launch
      • Or Paste the URL of your favorite WEB sites and your ready to link to it.
      • Link to WEB sites then drag and drop or copy and paste the ID and password
      • Set password formats for applications that require repetitive changing
      • Automatically tracks Password changes

    • Find, Categorize and store file names and file passwords
      • Set "hidden" and "read only" file attributes
      • Open files automatically
      • Open password protected Excel and Word documents automatically
      • Find files by invoking an explorer style search dialog box

    • Store confidential EMAIL addresses and phone numbers
    • Store credit card numbers for easy access later
    • Store Journal Entries or reference notes
    • Store "hard to remember" access codes and combinations

      Click here to purchase now for a one-time, lifetime fee of $29.95.

    *To give as a gift, just check the gift checkbox on the purchase form.

    System Requirements

  • Windows   
  • 11 MB Free Space
  • Recommended 128MB RAM or more

  • * 30 day Money Back Guarantee Policy


    If you are not completely satisfied, request a refund within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the full purchase price!

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