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You can download the Tzone time zone converter software for free. This software can help you determine the date and time around the globe. Easily convert and compare dates and times between two locations in different time zones. Install it on your laptop and take it with you for those times when you don't have access to the internet. It automatically adjusts for daylight savings times.

If you were to circumnavigate the entire world you would encounter 24 different time zones. When you cross a time zone, your day will be effectively longer or shorter, i.e. or either gain one hour or loss one hour when entering the next time zone. Going west you subtract 1 hour when entering a new time zone. Going east you add 1 hour when entering a new time zone.

For example if you travel from San Francisco, Ca to New York, you cross 3 time zones and gain 3 hours. Conversely, if you travel from New York to San Francisco you still cross 3 time zones but you lose 3 hours.

Daylight savings time

When determining international time differences you have to take Daylight Savings Time vs Standard Time into consideration. In the U.S., *Arizona doesn't adjust time for Daylight savings time, so for half of the year they are the same as the Mountain Time Zone and the other half of the year they are the same as Pacific Time Zone. There are also international countries who do not adjust their clocks for Daylight Time.

Currency exchange Rates

Current currency exchange rates are a consideration when traveling to foreign countries. You will need to know how much your money is worth in any foreign country. We currently do not have currency converter software that you can install on your PC because foreign currency exchange rates are constanty changing. It make more sense to have access to an online foreign currency converter that can help you determine how much your local currency is worth in another currency. For your convenience we are providing a link to a third party online currency converter. Click here to convert your money into a foreign currency: XE.com Personal Currency Assistant. * We cannot guarentee the accuracy.

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