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Got Passwords? Most busy people have too many passwords and too many Web sites to track. Remembering where all those passwords go can be a daunting task. With Stash! you hit the launch button to connect to your favorite Web sites then just drag and drop personal IDs and passwords. Saving and protecting them is just as easy.

In addition, this compact sized program will store and safeguard phone numbers, credit card numbers, personal journal entries, and hard to remember access codes. A built-in file manager and a program launcher completes this one stop password solution. The file manager can be used to automatically open password protected Microsoft WORD and EXCEL documents and to set Windows system level file attributes. Click here to see and read more about Stash!...


Need a way to easily find and view appointments, schedules and special occasions "at a glance?" With Moto calendar you can easily add appointments, place virtual sticker on them, set reminders and let Moto Calendar do the rest. With the daily planner and monthly calendar shown side by side, the virtual stickers make it almost impossible to forget an important date.

Customize Moto calendar with 5 different color schemes, including a USA patriotic theme.

You also get reminders with optional special effects, T-List to track your "to do " items and Tzone, a Time zone calculator. Click here to see and read more about Moto Calendar...

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