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Forex Currency Trading - Make money, take advantage of currency fluctuations

FOREX currency trading.

What is Forex currency trading? It is trading foreign currencies and profiting on the exchange rate differential or currency fluctuations.

Forex currency trading involves risk and is not for everybody but you lower the risk by doing the research. Most Online Forex trading sites offer some training and tools.

Forex currency trading markets are open 24 hours a day so as a trader you can trade when you want.

When currency trading you want to look for a currency that offers the highest return with the lowest risk. So if a country's stocks and bonds (and other financial instruments) are offering a high rate of return with low risk then as a forex currency trader you may want to buy that currency. Also look at the country's business cycle. Is it growing or in an uptrend?

Forex currency trading involves evaluating other key factors as well:

    - Political instability
    - Rising interest rates
    - Economic reform

All of the above have an impact on the counties currency rate and your job as a forex currency trader is to predict currency rate moves so you can get in or out before everybody else. Guessing correctly and and taking a position in that currency at the beginning of the trend can net a tidy profit but the wrong move could cause you to lose it all. As with trading equities, you make money when you buy the currency at low prices and sell at higher prices (referred to as going long, or long position) or sell the currency at a high price and buy it back at a lower price (referred to as going short the currency, or short position).

As a Forex currency trader, what currencies should I trade?

The U.S. dollar, the EURO, the Japanese YEN, and the British pound are the four primary currencies traded however there are many more currencies than these four. Someone is always willing to to buy or sell these four currencies which makes it easier to make money. Currencies of smaller countries are less liquid which makes it harder to find buyers and sellers. There is not much demand for currencies of developing counties (soft currency) and converting their currency can be difficult. Trade currency pairs, not currencies. Read more about what FOREX currencies to trade..

Forex currency trading risks and rewards

Factors to watch :
    - changes in price of the currency
    - changes in the exchange rate
    - fast changes in the currency exchange rates
    - liquidity, not a major risk if you are trading the major currencies
    - changes in the political climate or regulations of the country , also watch the holiday schedules of the countries whose currency you trade because the markets may not be open on those days just when you need the money.

Getting started

Forex currency trading requires a commitment. You should study historical data about the currency rate and interest rate fluctuations (for the currency you want to trade, get some charts). Also look at the country's economic history and political stability. Set some trading goals and limits. Decide how much money do you want to risk. Technical analysis - Forex currency trading technical analysis is performed in a way that is similar to that of trading stocks, bar charts etc. A lot of brokers/dealers offer access to technical analysis tools. There is one main difference between the stock and forex markets, in that the forex market is open 24 hours a day so the daily price chart sometimes shows a opening price in the Pacific Rim and a closing price in the U.S. Get focused. Maybe a good way to start is to paper trade.

In any event you will need to find a qualified broker. Some online forex currency trading brokers offer demos. Also look into purchasing Forex trading software to give you the tools needed. Personal Currency Converter.    What time is it there?

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Disclaimer: Their is much more to Forex currency trading than what has been covered here. Do your own research and due diligence.